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Mortise and tenon in Meshmixer?

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Mortise and tenon in Meshmixer?

When I 'plane cut' a mesh so it will fit onto my 3d printer I have 2 very smooth surfaces to later match up and glue together.

Depending on the complexity of the mesh it can be an awkward job to match the pieces up exactly.

Is there an easy way of creating a mortise and tenon on the plane faces to assist in the alignment.





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in reply to: blackrat100

You can use MESHMIX solid parts (parts marked with a blue cube are solid) and Boolean operations:


Drag and drop a solid part (e.g. the cylinder from Primitives) on the cut plane when one half is hidden.

Make sure that in the poping up DropSolid options CompositionMode is set to CreateNewObject.

Scale the part dragging the arrow handle and move it to the desired position dragging the white sphere.

Before accepting hit D on your keyboard. This gives a duplicate of the cylinder at its current position. 

Now, without moving the part after dropping the duplicate Accept.

Activate one of your halves and SHIFT+click the cylinder to activate it too. Now run EDIT/BooleanUnion.

Hide the result and show the other half.

Click it to make it the first active object. With SHIFT+click the duplicate of the cylinder and run BooleanDifference.

(Depending on the accuracy of your printer and the used glue it might be a good idea to scale up the second cylinder a little bit before)

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you MagWeb, I'll give that a try.

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