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Model is flickering and transparent?

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Model is flickering and transparent?

So, I dont really even know how to describe whats happening with this model.   

It was originally less than a milimeter in total, and I scaled it up to about 60mm. After I did that, the model stopped appearing solid, it flickers when I move the mouse (The first two pictures), and the camera will jump so far back that I cant see the model if I try to scroll out at all.   

I tried several things, like making solid and generating face groups, completely randomly if I'm being honest, to fix this. I dont know everything I did, but the problem has not changed.  

When I export the model gives me the "complex model in scene" warning, but if I ignore then load it in a new project, it appears really blocky and red (The third picture). Attempting to make the new model solid results in it disapearing entirely, no matter which setting I put it on. 

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THINK this is related to MM's conversion from world units to MM's internal scene units and its rounding error (MM converts coordinates to a normalised system in a range from -1 to +1 adding a first object to the scene).


What happens if you import(append) the object to an existing scene (e.g a default sphere scaled to the target size of 60mm)? MM should detect that your object is much smaller and show a window asking whether you want to correct the import to a fitting size. Hit Yes. Now delete the sphere... 



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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