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Meshmixers Future?

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Meshmixers Future?

I was introduced to Meshmixer about 3 years ago and it's become the main tool I use for most of my modeling.  I am curious to Meshmixers future and was curious if anyone else has had these thoughts/questions;

  • Meshmixer was last updated in April of 2018. Is there any plans or a date for the next update?
  • This forum is under Netfabb. Why doesn't Meshmixer have it's own designation?
  • Why is there support for Spacemouse products on Windows run machines and not MacOS?
  • What, if any plans does Autodesk have for Meshmixer?

Meshmixer has been such a valuable tool for me and so many others and feel the tools are invaluable and would like to see this continue if possible.





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in reply to: paulRUXNZ

Thanks for your post. You mention Blender and I'd like to ask...does Blender have the capabilities to do all the things you do in MM? If so, one could transition to that rather than Fusion?




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in reply to: georgeG8CHK

Technically…yes, Blender can technically do what MM does. MM however, is specifically designed for 3D printing and dealing with scanned type data. I have not attempted to replace MM with Blender. Blender only plays a relatively small part of my 3D modeling process. Unfortunately, there is no decent alternative to MM. For the life of me I can’t figure out why autodesk has squandered it, and say Fusion360 is somehow a substitute. Just a shame.
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in reply to: paulRUXNZ

when we going to have fusion 360 exactment like meshmixer

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Meshmixer could be a flag ship system and all it needs is just a little tweaking fix the bugs it has and listen to the users on what is needed a updated version would be worth paying for, I use it for hobby stuff but I have seen so many post that use it for professional use like dental if the software was upgraded to Meshmixer2024 version 1 or MeshmixerV2 and had improved function and better control over settings it would be worth the time to upgrade it and if you sold it as a new software 49.99 it would pay for itself without a problem. I'm currently learning blender because the bugs in Meshmixer screw up things a lot the make solid tool does a poor job at keeping details and reduce destroys model's details. The Boolean tool fails more often than not but the same file in blender works just fine using Boolean. The point is auto desk owns Meshmixer and has the ability to fix these problems and make improvements to its base function as a .stl mesh editor.  all the other software they have is junk it's too complicated takes more time to accomplish anything.  meshmixer is the keep it simple editor that would destroy the market if it was implemented with some improvements one new feature would be nice an advanced mesh repair and reduce poly tool that fixes all mesh issues and can reduce the mesh down to the bare minimum without losing detail. as a corporation who wants customers and needs customers Autodesk clearly is failing by not taking advantage of this tool it has a huge following and would be financially rewarding. another cool thing would add some AI technology to it but the point of the software, that is important is it would do everything needed with simple user interface and controls over the settings that a user can save.

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in reply to: keithrlittle

You are absolutely right!


After all these years Meshmixer is still being used a lot, I regularly use it but all the issues you pointed out are correct.


With a little work and updates this wonderful software could rule them all. But Autodesk..

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in reply to: paulRUXNZ

Just to add data to this post....If there were an update to MM to make it speedier (better use of CPU / GPU) and even some very slight changes to some commands*, I would happily pay for this software.  I know a lot of people in the dental and orthopedics industries that would pay as well.  


I know parts of MM were rewritten to use similar terminology in Fusion 360.  Whether this is a standalone product or completely merged with Fusion, I would pay either way.


(* The only change that I feel is needed is the ability to preview tool panels before they actually do something.  For a good number of tools, the last setting is automatically applied when I don't want that setting applied, and it takes time to wait until that command finishes before switching to the one that I do want.)

Nick Kloski
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