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Meshmixer - sculpt and reduce volume

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Meshmixer - sculpt and reduce volume

Hi guys!

For 3D-scanned image clean-ups I have started using Meshmixer. And I love it. It is simple to use, yet powerful and intuitive tool.

One thing keeps bugging me - how can I remove/reduce volume of the mesh with sculpt tools?

We have brushes to add, move, inflate and flatten the surface, but no dig/remove/reduce to select from? I imagined that "Depth" option is for negative/positive reaction of the tool, but sadly, no.



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in reply to: mantas.palaima

Keeping the CTRL (CMD on MAC) pressed while sculpting inverts the brush.

For the Draw, and Inflate brushes  such an inversion switches from an additive to a subtractive action.


Inverting the Pinch brush switches from sucking vertices to the brush center to pushing vertices away from the center. To get an additive behaviour of Pinch you need to set Depth to a negative value, for a subtractive behaviour the needs to be positive.


Inverting the Flatten brush gives a behaviour which makes valleys deeper while peaks are made higher (Some kind of increase contrast brush).


For some brushes as Drag or Move there's no such inversion.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks so much! I've googled quite a lot, and cannot believe couldn't find this simple solution. 

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in reply to: mantas.palaima

Well, simple things are hard to find.  🙂

If you search for some MM related information you should start at MM's Help pages.

E.g. on its documentation about Sculpt you could find this inversion key.

Another resource of keys is the hotkeys.pdf shipping with MM. You can call it via menu>Help/KeyboardStortcuts.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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