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Meshmixer run batch file

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Meshmixer run batch file

Hi, I have an question

I installed Autodesk meshmixer on windows OS,

I want to fix overlapping STL file by the tool meshmixer (by solidification tool). Once it is fixed I want to print the STL file using 3D printer.

I also want to use command line (running batch file) to do this task automatically. I wonder whether it is possible, and if yes, how to do it.

It means :

1. I have a list of STL files in one specific folder

2. I will create a batch file (.bat) to import each STL file in folder (using queue) into meshmixer tool, then run overlapping fixing tool in meshmixer with a certain preset configuration.

Could anyone help me with that ? Thank you !




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in reply to: thong.dv2

There's no such batch interface in a MM release but there is mmApi allowing to loop on all mesh files at a certain path using Python scripting.

This is no code but basic steps:

# generate a list of source files
# process each item in that list in a loop:
## mm.append_objects_from_file(remote, filename)
## (some tool commands)
## mm.export_mesh(remote, path)



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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