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Meshmixer not associated with .STL files after MacOS Catalina upgrade

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Meshmixer not associated with .STL files after MacOS Catalina upgrade

I've been using Meshmixer for years on Mac OS, but after the Catalina upgrade (10.15.2) it does not seem to be associated with .STL files. Previously one could double-click on any .STL file and it would launch in Meshmixer. That no longer works. 


I've attempted to use the "Open With" trick to set the association, as one is supposed to, but Meshmixer does not show up as an option in Open With. 


If Meshmixer is running it can open .STL files with File/Import or the Import button, and things work fine after that. It's just that to open an .STL file you now have to first open Meshmixer, then import the file, which is several extra steps. 


It appears that something changed in Catalina's treatment of .STL files, and perhaps Meshmixer needs a fix?

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If a Catalina upgrade doesn't keep previous file format associations you might try a new installation of Meshmixer - not sure if that works.


Here's a how to associate formats to a certain application on macOS (this should still work for Catalina). If macOS doesn't detect a certain application to be suitable for a format in the OpenWith list, you've to choose "other" and link to the application manually.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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I have done multiple re-installs and it exhibits the same behaviour. I have also tried the “Other” selection in both Open With and Get Info, and in both cases Meshmixer is dimmed out and cannot be selected. There is something wrong here.
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After some investigation, it seems that Meshmixer's info.plist in Mac OS does NOT have a <dict> entry for STL, stl or other mesh formats. This is why it no longer appears in the list of default apps on Mac OS when attempting to open STL files. This is clearly a bug as previous versions apparently did have these entries, and it should be fixed at the next release. 

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