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Meshmixer Increasing STL File Size Without Edits.

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Meshmixer Increasing STL File Size Without Edits.

First, when I used meshmixer it worked fine and after I edited a file it would save without increasing the file size to much. One morning after making some edits to a file I found out that the file size has increased by a factor of 6 so I was not able to import it to TinkerCAD. After further exploration of the problem I found out if I imported a file to Meshmixer and made no edits to the mesh and exported it, the file size would still increase 6x. This wasn't always true as I used to be able to import a ~5000 KB STL file and make edits to the file and then save it as a STL file while the file size would still be ~5000 KB. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled the program, but to no avail.S13.PNGS14.PNG

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in reply to: dagottfried

Maybe the STL you imported was a binary STL?

(you can check this opening it in some text editor as you (most probably) can't read binary language)

If you export it to a ASCII STL (human readable) it gets bigger.

To avoid increasing file size try to export it using a binary STL (MM supports both).

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Ekran Alıntısı meshmixer.PNG

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in reply to: asyaortopedi33

Sorry for this late reply. It's holiday season here in Europe.


If you get such a Offset result on (scan of ?) a foot with an offset of 0.05mm there's something wrong with your dimensions settings.

Check your source file via ANALYSIS/UnitsDimensions. Maybe you need to correct its (virtual) size?

If you want to get a nice extrusion/offset  you should run Modify/SmoothBoundary on your selection before ...

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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