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Meshmixer Hair?

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Meshmixer Hair?

Is thete anyway to make hair in Meshmixer 

I'm stuck and honestly all the other 3d programs are beyond me lol

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Creating realistic hair as a mesh representation is one of the hardest tasks in mesh modelling. There are attempts in third party apps which generate hair using rendering of curves (or a similar trick). This is nice if you stay in a virtual environment (e.g. to do something like animation for a movie) but such hair (which isn't a mesh) is useless if you want to do something like 3D printing. Other attempts (e.g micro meshes do create real geometry but this geometry may come with a level of detail which isn't printable at that level). One needs to get real geometry plus some artistic abstraction in case of manufacturing and that is a costly thing (in file size and time).

In MM you can do it using SCULPT (as the main tool) only. It might be of some help to extract strands objects from the base head as separate objects,  deform them using SCULPT and join them using MakeSolid (at a high resolution) finally.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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