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Meshmixer 3.5 Mac installer no longer available?

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Meshmixer 3.5 Mac installer no longer available?

I noticed that the Meshmixer 3.5 Mac installer is no longer available on the Meshmixer website. Only the Windows installer is listed. Will the Mac installer be added back to the site or is it no longer available? I realize that Autodesk no longer supports Meshmixer and encourages using Fusion 360 instead, but I thought the Meshmixer installers would remain available. We rely on Meshmixer for our curriculum and projects. Any advice is much appreciated.

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in reply to: dromero23

2 years and no response. what a horrible service from the company.


just say you dont want to support it anymore instead of saying you will be working on it which you obviously havent since its dragged out over 2 years.


be an honorable company and just clearly state you are ending support so other people can crack the software so we can use without your support.

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in reply to: dromero23

i will never buy has no support where it matters.



i use windows and mac but they need to operate on both platforms if they want to be a distinguished name in 3d.

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Meshmixer website clearly states that MM receives no support.

While we have no current plans to retire Meshmixer, please note that the tool is no longer in development and will not be supported by Autodesk moving forward.

Steffen Anders

Autodesk Netfabb Team

Netfabb resources: Online HelpNetfabb knowledge baseForumsHomepageYouTube
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Sorry, we came to the support page to ask a question that is not CLEARLY found on the webpage, and who knows where you pulled that out of; In addition, the prior support people implied there would be updates or security updates. Your tone in your response is not appreciated.
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in reply to: dromero23

Sorry for reviving this conversation but even with the current version of Fusion 360, I do not think it matches meshmixer in terms of capability and performance. Fusion 360 is extremely slow compared to meshmixer (on the same hardware) and often gives up on the mesh operations, showing only some obscure error message which do not help in troubleshooting. Either meshmixer for Mac should be reinstated or Fusion 360 should be fixed to match.

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in reply to: the_makertrove

Thanks for adding your response.  Long live Meshmixer!!

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in reply to: dromero23

Six years since they passed Meshmixer code from AutodeskResearch to Autodesk's Netfab branch in Parsberg Germany.

Since Netfab guys got the code there was no development/support at all. The one and only "update" the Parsberg guys did was MM 3.5 which simply disabled MM's update feature (against all those promises when I met Netfab guys together with Ruslana and Tyson at Regensburg).

Now MM is a six year old zombie. Wonder why a zombie lives that long? Maybe because of needs? Long live zombies!!


The only "security issue" I could detect is that MM wants to be the standard  app to open mesh files and newer macOs versions block that attempt (Yep, I kept the installer).


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks for your response to this thread!  Having a master MM user as yourself contribute to the prescient topic means a lot.  We can only hope that Autodesk will breath life into MM.  Perhaps we could circulate a petition to Autodesk signed by the plethora of users like myself, who rely on this zombie software for their 3D modeling needs? 

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in reply to: the_makertrove

Could we get source code for MeshMixer and do some test recompiles, fix and re-ship it?
Maybe under NDA?

It's small and compact, does a lot, performs well-- and I like it.  Am an engineering type so use OpenSCAD for nearly everything... but there are a few operations that MeshMixer does way better.  It's worth fixing and has been good PR for Autodesk (ie imho improved their public image).

Any chance of me/us/whomever fixing it for a rerelease?

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in reply to: dromero23

Many thanks for the opportunity to use the archived version 3.5! Everything started up and worked on Mac mini (Late 2014) macOS Monterey 12.7.4!

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in reply to: dawserge

Where did you find the archived version? I would like to try it as well.
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in reply to: the_makertrove

I found the archived version on the first page of this chat) My gratitude kevinT5K8W

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