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Meshmixer 3.5 Mac installer no longer available?

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Meshmixer 3.5 Mac installer no longer available?

I noticed that the Meshmixer 3.5 Mac installer is no longer available on the Meshmixer website. Only the Windows installer is listed. Will the Mac installer be added back to the site or is it no longer available? I realize that Autodesk no longer supports Meshmixer and encourages using Fusion 360 instead, but I thought the Meshmixer installers would remain available. We rely on Meshmixer for our curriculum and projects. Any advice is much appreciated.

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in reply to: dromero23

Oh ya. Hmm also it appears MM 3.3 has been removed.

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in reply to: dromero23


Sorry to say that, but we found a security issue in the macOS installer and decided to take it down from the website until this gets fixed at some point.


I can only recommend to switch to Fusion 360 for the future.


Thank you for your understanding!

Fabian Spangler

Software Engineer

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in reply to: dromero23

So sorry to say that I'm on hold in this community until this gets fixed at some point. I'm a macOS user.


Unfortunately current Fusion 360 mesh workspace is no substitute for MM.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: fabian.spangler

Thank you Fabian. I would appreciate it if you can post an update when the Mac installer is fixed and back on the website. Unfortunately, Fusion 360 is not going to work for our curriculum, so I will look into other alternatives in case the Meshmixer Mac installer is not available by early 2022.

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in reply to: dromero23

This been sorted? I still can't find the installer for Mac and Fusion cannot do everything Meshmixer can as yet.

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in reply to: MagWeb

This is absolutely true! Let's get this fixed!!
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in reply to: dromero23

Hi everyone!
Unfortunately there's no update yet.

Fabian Spangler

Software Engineer

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in reply to: dromero23

Wish there was a security update.

It's a great and lean software for students manipulating mesh but I have macs in my lab. Anyone have an alternative?

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in reply to: mrknudson

Depending on what needs to be done: Meshlab, Blender, ZBrush. Sculptris,
Microsoft 3D Builder.
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Any update on this? I would love to get meshmixer on my mac.

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in reply to: dromero23

I would also love to hear if Autodesk has an update on MeshMixer - the suggestion to switch to Fusion would be fine if Fusion was updated with the mesh tools we've come to rely on in MM. Even if there are not going to be any future updates to MM, please patch the security issue and put the Mac Installer back up so people can get back to using it (in my case, teaching dozens of students Autodesk products).

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in reply to: bri.murphy

You can use the Wayback Machine (Internet archive tool) to visit an old version of the Meshmixer website that still has the download button for Mac (Meshmixer 3.5). I got a new MBP and was shocked to see I could no longer install Meshmixer...luckily this worked for me 🙂



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in reply to: dromero23

Awesome, this worked like a charm! Your timing couldn't have been better, I am introducing a class to 3D modeling in two weeks and have been trying to find a suitable replacement for MM (there aren't any) so you really saved the day for me and 18 of my students. Thank you!

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in reply to: bri.murphy

Thank you for sharing the Wayback Machine tip! I want to point out to Autodesk that this is a potential workaround, but not a solution for education. We considered using the Wayback Machine for our curriculum, but did not because we would be asking students to download an installer with a known security issue. I hope that Autodesk fixes the security issue so we can continue to use Meshmixer for macOS in our curriculum.

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in reply to: dromero23

Another user here who would love to see the security issue fixed so that I can use Meshmixer (safely) on my MacOS machine.

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in reply to: kevinT5K8W

Hi- thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately, when I tried reinstalling via the Time Machine link, I still get the same problem-- namely the library error.  I even tried installing 3.3, but get the same results.  Any ideas, anyone?


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in reply to: kevinT5K8W

Thank you.  That helped.  

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Is it possible to offer to pay Autodesk a subscription to continue MM support. I do not know how to conveniently direct you to a different  chat in this forum titled " Alternatives to Meshmixer" and you will find even the windows users are worried about losing MM. 

As I have posted in that forum MM is quite unique in its functionality, especially for the medical/dental fields ...  I have struggled with F360 without success to replicate the functionality of MM. The closet tool outside of Autodesk was SelfCAD but it was not able to deliver either.


Please Mr Spangler @fabian.spangler  if the community offers to pay a subscription can you let the "powers that be"  of Autodesk to revive the support for MM. I would gladly pay a fair fee. We really do not need additional functionality.  Just the occasional bugs and security fixes


Thanking you in hope

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in reply to: michaelho888

Some kind of $10 donation for maintenance of the app would be worth it.

Through the 80s, 90s, 00s etc. Autodesk has never made another app I'd buy.... so this is your chance to get a least a few bucks outta me!


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