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Mending hole edges

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Mending hole edges

I've run into some issues with a file that I was sent. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm working with someone and we 3D scanned a CPAP mask (non-functional) for experimentation. The model that came from it is great but my partner was wanting to cut holes in the mask, using Meshmixer, in order to do some testing. The issue is that the holes he cut have open edges, which makes it basically non-printable.


I tried using the inspector to repair and making the object solid but those both remove the holes completely. I also tried selecting the hole edges on either side and using the Edit > Join tool, but the result on that is really jagged and does not print well, as the space between the holes is very thin.


My question is, is there a way to close those interior hole edges without completely closing the hole or making the lines between the holes crazy thin? Thanks again!

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Here's the workflow I'd do:


1. Go to ANALYSIS/Inspector. Do NOT AutoRepairAll but click on the sphere markers one by one. Against AutoRepair this creates a face group for each hole.


2. Now go to SELECT and select one corresponding pair of the face groups by double click. Both areas selected run Edit/TubeHandle to get the hole. Note the Refine slider. Pulling it down to min gives a "flat as possible" connection.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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