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Measuring for a 3D print

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Measuring for a 3D print



charles meyer <>
5:50 PM (1 minute ago)


I'm teaching young students how to create 3D objects at our public library.
and although it's well done the  instructor doesn't explain how he derived the measurements for  this wrench.
Is there some online or downloadable tool which will provide you with accurate measurements for a 3D print?
Thank you.
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in reply to: reachmeplace

Wrong forum. This is the Meshmixer forum.

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in reply to: reachmeplace

I have limited experience with meshmixer so I'm curious if i can create an object form scratch like one can in Tinkercad? I watched a YT instructional video showing you how to create a wrench from scratch. Can that also be done in meshmixer or is meshmixer intended for modifying files (e.g. .stl or .obj files)?

Thank you.

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in reply to: reachmeplace

While it could be done, MM is not intended for this, so it would be difficult.


To measure any .stl:


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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thank you so much foir sharing that lionk.

Looks amazing.

I'm trying to find the correct place to measure an item to then create that
into a 3D print.

Example. I have a little battleship toy for a game. I have no idea how that
could be meeasured to contour it all the the exacxt measurements it is as
printed. There's a part of it which was damaged so I'm trying to replicate
that exact toy for a youth library game.

I was curious if there is any software besides meshmixer which would
"analyze" a photo of an object to detertemine what the exact specs should
be for a replica make?

Like the tool wrench made in that Tinkercad instrcutional video, the
instructor never explains how he came up with all the measurements for the
3 parts of that wrench.

Have you used any 2D to 3D conversion software or sites like SculptGl,
ItsLitho or Smoothie 3D?

Thanks so much for all your kind help.
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in reply to: reachmeplace

As you've referenced having a photo of an object, it adds a different level to the project. There are a few free photogrammetry systems available on the 'net as well as many paid-for software packages to accomplish this task.

One must snap multiple photos from many angles, which the software combines to create a 3D model. The model has no dimensions, but one would have a known measurement to apply to the model and scale the entire model using that reference.

One can find a well-written article on a Prusa site.

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in reply to: fred_dot_u

Thank you so much for this super helpful article.

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