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Maximum number of shells

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Maximum number of shells

Is the a maximum number of shells Meshmixer can support? I am exporting obj files from Daz3D and since that was designed for rendering some of the models have very high shell counts. For some of these obj files Meshmixer is crashing when attempting to separate the shells.


When I had a Netfab trial license I opened up an obj and separated the shells and the final count was over 13k, trying to separate the shells for the same obj in Meshmixer resulted in a crash. Unfortunately due to the licensing of Daz3D I cannot give an example obj file.


My computer has 16GB of RAM, I am wondering if I increase some of the memory settings in MM and have more system ram I will be able to separate the shells in obj files with high shell counts

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I've never heard of a file coming in like that with 13K shells. Clearly this was not a model made for the purpose of having it be solid and usable for 3D printing, which is the main use of MM. How many MB is the file size?

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