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Make object 100% solid, not just watertight

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Make object 100% solid, not just watertight

Hi all,


I'm new to Meshmixer. I have an STL of mandible, segmented from a CT scan. Naturally, even though the outer shell looks fairly decent, the inside has holes from the non-dense part of the bone. My goal is to actually measure the volume of the entire mandible. I assume when I see volume in Analysis>Stability, it means the volume of the "shell/solid part", while I need volume of the entire space that the mandible takes.


What I'm thinking I need to do is to make the object 100% solid with no hollowness at all, then measure the volume. But when I try Make Solid, it still has hollowness inside. I attach a screenshot of how the hollowness looks like after Make Solid. How to make it 100% solid? Or alternatively, how to measure volume of the entire object (not just the "shell")?


meshmixer holes.png


Any help is appreciated!

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Solid = Manifold = Watertight


Therefore your model is solid.


What you are asking for is to remove data which is making tunnels etc. This can be very time consuming, you need to visualize each tunnel, select it, then delete it. Then once done, run analysis inspector, and rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

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Can you explain to me how to do that? Thank you very much.

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If interior surfaces are not connected to the exterior:

SELECT a small area at the exterior surface > Hit E to expand the selection to connected triangles > Hit I to invert the selection > Hit X to delete

If an interior surface is connected to the exterior you need to break these connections manually:

Find all "entrances" to the interior tunnel and SELECT a circle around each > Hit X to delete the connection > Now do the same as above > To close the remaining holes: Run ANALYSIS/Inspector

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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