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Is there any way to Optimize MM for faster work?

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Is there any way to Optimize MM for faster work?

So I have an older computer, but I noticed something pretty odd when making an object solid and cranking up the details:  my CPU, Memory and GPU are hardly touched.


It got me wondering if there were a way to help optimized MM so that it can better utilize PCs, allowing speedier changes, rendering, and computing.


My CPU is nearly 11 years old, an i7-920 and it rarely pegs higher than 20% utilized (a few infrequent spikes of around 80%)      My memory (RAM) is only 45% in use, meaning I still have quite a bit it could use if needed, and my GPU is a GTX 1070, and it only barely trickles of use (1% average while computing)


So it makes me wonder if there is a '64bit version' around, in the works, or in testing - or if people have found a way to help 'supercharge' Mesh Mixer so it uses more cores (CPU) or offloads some computing to the GPU (since most GPUs are extremely capable now) or just better utilize any of the available resources computers have?


Does anyone know anything?

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MM is 64bit since years (at least since MM 0.6).

RMS explained in the old forum that, due to MM's software architecture, he could use multithreading for certain tasks only.

I don't know any way to speed up MM, sorry.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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