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Is it possible to get a Small Thresh lower than 0.001 in the Inspector ?

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Is it possible to get a Small Thresh lower than 0.001 in the Inspector ?

I am trying to clean the small unwanted parts of my mesh in MeshMixer, however even with the lowest Small Thresh value of 0.001, many of the features I want to keep are discarded. Is it possible to get this value lower than 0.001 ?
I tried scaling up my mesh but since this value seems to be a % (despite showing a length unit), it does not solve my problem.

Thanks in advance,

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You're right, the displayed unit is misleading... It's actually a percentage (0.01 = 1%).

Unfortunately there's no way to set a smaller value than 0.1% (=0.001).


You need to get rid of the outliers in a different way:

Two options:

Either: In SELECT use the brush to mark all parts to be kept( small area is enough for each part). Hit E to ExpandToConnected surfaces. You may add missed areas the same way now. If you're satisfied with the selection of all regions to keep, hit I to invert the selection and X to discard.

Or: Run EDIT/SeparateShells to split the object to connected surfaces. May be some... The nice thing here is that MM tries to sort the new objects by its size. So activate the upmost/biggest in the ObjectBrowser and with Shift a lower one (all between are activated now = brighter). If your fine run EDIT/Combine to join again.... When you combined all surfaces to keep activate all other objects and delete them..



Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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