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Importing .obj models from SketchUp to Inventor for creating assets

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Importing .obj models from SketchUp to Inventor for creating assets

Hi all!

We are using some created models from Sketchup and converting them to assets in inventor by adding the floor surface and some connection points, the way we are including these objects is:

1.- Exporting them from SketchUp to .obj

2.- Importing them to Inventor.


The problem we are facing with these assets is that when exporting to .STEP file, and then you try to import this .STEP file to other software (we need to share these factory layouts with other suppliers) these mesh objects are not recognized.


Does anyone in this forum have the same problem? Is this mesh mixer software able to make any changes to my .obj files in order to don't have this issue? If so, which changes should I make in the MeshMixer?


Thanks in advance, your help on this is really appreciated! Or if you can recommend me other procedure rather than using this software, please go ahead! I'm a bit lost with this problem and I don't find any useful information on the internet.




Laura G. 

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I'm no Inventor nor SketchUp user so I'm not sure...:

I think your issue is due to different representation modes. There two ways to describe an object (let's take a sphere as an example): Either describe it using a math function (so the only parameters you need is the center point and the sphere's radius) or use a mesh of polygons (so you need hundreds of facets to describe it). As a facet body never is a sphere exactly, the quality of this representation depends much on the number of facets. (In analogy the same happens in 2D: Vector vs. Pixel graphics). It's easy to convert a math function to facets but it's a hard job to find an intended math formula for a bunch of facets.

Now OBJ is a mesh representation while STEP is based on math formulas to describe the shape. There are STEP flavours supporting the exchange of triangulated surfaces too (STEP-Format AP242) but this needs to be supported by the applications on both ends of the exchange process. Seems this is not happening in your case.

ASFAIK SketchUp can export to 3D DWG/DXF (no mesh) too. Try that export format to import it to Inventor. But you can't use Meshmixer going that route.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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