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Im trying to make 3d print but The file was not read, i need to know reason.

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Im trying to make 3d print but The file was not read, i need to know reason.


I made 3d printing qualified but the mesh maker doesnt read it. I need to know the reason quickly. help me please

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I assume you are exporting the object from your CAD software as an STL file? Perhaps there is some corruption in the mesh or the origin of the object is way off from the center of the world. Can you share this file with us for testing purposes?

Ben Bisares
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As one can see in the box at bottom right (vertex and face count) the object is loaded. But there are only two regions where I think to see blue open boundaries.

Might be an graphic card issue. Did you update your graphics drivers? Can you load different objects?


One issue I had years ago (just to mention it , unlikely):

I'm on German localisation. German defaults use the comma as decimal separator. My macOS changed fullstops to commas and vice versa launching MM via Commandline. This ruined the coordinates in the mesh files (which are written with fullstops as separator of course).

Now IF you're on a localisation using a comma as standard decimal separator you might try to set the number format (in your OS settings) to use fullstops instead.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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