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I need to combine mesh bodies into one body with no cracks.

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I need to combine mesh bodies into one body with no cracks.

I have a model of a man that is broken into many different pieces.  As you can see in the photo, there are gaps and cracks between the pieces.  Is there a way to connect all of these together and fill in all the gaps/cracks with a new surface.  I want it to be one pieces so I can smooth it out, and edit the form as one unit rather than separate pieces.


Thanks!Screenshot 2020-03-31 10.37.37.pngScreenshot 2020-03-31 10.37.45.png

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Yep this is a common workflow needed in scans.


Yep, read this:

and Read this:

Watch this:

Essentially do this 50 times in all the various corners: SELECT (where you want your bridge to be)>BRIDGE>ANALYZE>INSPECTOR


Hint: It helps sometimes zooming in and hitting 'w' to see which exact triangles you want to bridge. And then also if inspector produces poor/unexpected results, often the mesh density is too low around the border, so remesh it higher. Also once you are done, use the various sculpt tools to smooth spots out.

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