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how to "inflate" a mesh

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how to "inflate" a mesh

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to Fusion 360 / Meshmixer and hope to get some help here. I have the model (mesh) of a PS4 Controller and would like to use this model to make an imprint of it (cutting it) from a cuboid. The idea is to make a stand / holder for a controller.

What i am struggling with is the following. So that the controller eventually will fit into the 3d printed shape without it being a super tight fit i need to inflate the model somehow. Scaling doesnt work in that case since it wont change the object in the same way as the inflation process would do.

Hope that makes sense and i look forward to get some ideas on this.


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Two suggestions :

Either (accurate but might produce self intersections):

via SELECT/Edit/Offset: Hit CTRL+A (CMD+A on MAC) to SelectALL and run Edit/Offset. Set Distance to the desired offset value and hit Accept. Depending on the source shape this might work fine but if there are deep valleys this might result in self intersections of the offset mesh. Such intersections might make the BooleanDiffence (subtract the offset result from the cuboid) fail.

Or (safer but less accurate):

via EDIT/MakeSolid: With the source mesh being active run MakeSolid. Switch its SolidType to Accurate and set the CellSize in SolidAccuracy and MeshDensity to an almost equal value small enough to keep the shape. This mode allows to set a a desired OffsetDistance. That done hit Update to calculate the changes and finally Accept.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks a ton for that super fast and accurate support. "Problem" solved and something new learned. Much appreciated!

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