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how to make stamps to copy and paste surface texture?

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how to make stamps to copy and paste surface texture?

how to make stamps to copy and paste surface texture?


I have a 3d model, one side of the face is distorted, so I want to copy one side to the other (while keeping everything else the same.) How to do it? is there a stamp function like photoshop where you can sample an area of texture and paste it on another area?



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Are you talking about Texture in its CG sense where it is just an image's color information or do you mean surface details as a 3D geometry?

In both cases MM'S abilities are limited and not an equivalent to a on the fly clone tool as you can find it in 2D packages.

- You can create a MESHMIX OpenPart: SELECT an area to copy and run ConvertTo/ConvertToOpenPart. You can find the new Part in MESHMIX/MyParts (or if you manually did some directories in ../Documents/meshmixer/libraries/parts/user in the last used folder). Now drag that part onto your object and move it to the target area. MM will replace this region with the part's geometry. In case the source had an applied texture MM uses this too, but blending of inserted texture to target texture is an interpolated color only...

- If you're looking for a relative displacement (keeping the main topology while adding just peaks and valleys) you could create a grey scale Stencil image from your source region in a third-party application and use it as a Stencil in SCULPT>Surface brushes.

- If your object is symmetrical to a certain plane the easiest way is to use EDIT/Mirror to transfer data from one side to the other.


There's an old clone brush application where RMS a.o. tried to implement cloning as used in 2D: GeoBrush 

You might try the zipped Windows demo download there.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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