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How to know if existing part is solid or not?

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How to know if existing part is solid or not?

I know that if I  'make solid'  from an existing part, the default name will be  PARTNAME(solid).    But suppose later I combine that solid object with some other, non-solid part.  Is there any indicator or part-property that will tell me that this new part is not a solid?   Similarly,  if I rename some parts in the Object Browser,  the "(solid)" text is lost.


How can I tell which parts are solids and which are not? 

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Note: You're talking about "Parts". The term "Parts" in MM is used for the content of the d&d objects in MESHMIX. So the title is somehow misleading (In MESHMIX: Solid parts are flagged with a little blue cube while open parts show a black/white half of a sphere). Instead your are talking about objects in the scene.


If one combines two objects MM keeps the name of the first activated object.

Some tools (as MakeSolid, Duplicate...) add a flag in brackets to the object's name. But that's only text ...

There's no functionality to flag an object in the browser but renaming it.


The easiest way to detect non watertight objects (blue, open boundaries might be hidden by other surfaces) might be to use the Xray shader from SHADERS and look for blue (or red) lines or to run ANALYSIS/Inspector.

To detect whether there are different, not connected surfaces I simply try EDIT/SeparateShells. If MM says that it could not find multiple shells: It's a single surface. Else: MM splits it to pieces. You might Undo this step now.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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