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How to edit single triangle?

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How to edit single triangle?

I'm trying to edit a bad low poly model with big triangular faces. Is there a way to simply create a single poly face exactly where I want one? In some cases I have overlapped facets, or tris with big spaces between edges, I just want to simply delete a couple of triangles and draw in one or two new correct faces.

I already know how to do this in other programs, I specifically want to know if this is possible in Meshmixer and if yes, then how.

Inspector does not automagically fix everything.

Screenshot attached.

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere already, I tried searching for 'editing single polygon' with no success.

Thank you

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in reply to: robertwrazen

Deleting a single triangle is easy:

Simply SELECT it using a small selection brush (as you did in the image) and hit X to discard it. Of course you can do this on several selected triangles as well.


Now if it comes to fill a hole  you need to use Inspector and (as MM is more a high poly toolbox and not that much is made to be used as a low poly editor) this tool doesn't give you full control of how the added triangles are built. E.g: There are two possibilities to close a hole with four edges and its vertices ABCD. One is to split the quad on A to C , the other is to split along B to D to get two triangles. There's no way to define the added edge (AC or BD). 


In your example there's a red line. This red line indicates a non manifold issue. If you discard ALL triangles within that red line it should turn to a blue line which indicates an open boundary. Now Inspector should close it with a single face.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you, but I should have been more clear. Yes, deleting single faces is incredibly easy and I know how to do that. After deleting faces I want a way to just draw in triangles vertex by vertex. And/or point snap move vertices.

I think it is clear based on your reply that this functionality doesn't exist in MM. It's too bad since this ability to move vertices is basic in many other modeling programs. I love MM and use it for highpoly stuff all of the time, it just doesn't work efficiently for this purpose. 

Thanks again.

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