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How to define an angle in plane cut?

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How to define an angle in plane cut?

I'm using plane cut to slice objects in to 4 equal sections, every cut is at 90° but I'm having real trouble getting the angle exact with the touchpad on my laptop. I saw from another post that you can change the snap by using the arrow keys, but I haven't been able to get that to work, or it doesn't show you what increments you're setting.


Can anyone help me out with a good way of getting an exact angle?

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in reply to: plabebob

If you rotate dragging an arc on the PlaneCut widget there's a radial snapping circle around. Dragging over this wheel makes the rotation snap to its increments.

While that wheel is visible you can modify the snapping increments using the Up/Down keys. Its minimal increment is 45°.


Another easy option is to drop a pivot where you want to have the center of the widget. Now run PlaneCut and click on the pivot. The widget snaps to it and its axes (lokal XZ plane). Doing a further click on the pivot makes the cutting plane snap to the next perpendicular orientation (lokal  XY plane) a third click on the pivot sets the plane to the lokal YZ orientation.


You can get such a pivot via EDIT/CreatePivot. Several ways to get the position of such a pivot (e.g. try PlacementMode = BoundingBox and double click on the object to drop the pivot at its center). You can modify the position of a pivot by making it the active object (you can set the object browser to show pivot objects clicking the pivot icon next to the cube at the browser's bottom) and use EDIT/Transform on it.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

That's perfect thank you, didn't realise you have to put the curser on the dial. 

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in reply to: MagWeb

Hi, with Meshmixer 3.5.474 on MacOS,  I do not see the  arc you mention.  All I see is a display box indicating the current rotation angle.  Placing the cursor over that box does nothing.


Can you advise, or post a picture of the item I should select to get that config box?




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in reply to: cellocgw

OH never mind -- I found it.  at least in my OS&version,  I have to drag the cursor along the radial dark line,  and the compass wheel shows up, albeit not with much contrast.


Anyway,  I've got it all working now.  thanks for posting this solution. 

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