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How to cut off a objecte with excact measure ?

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How to cut off a objecte with excact measure ?

Hi to all,

i want to cut off 5cm from a object which has a Z-lengh of 20cm so that the remaining Z-lengh is only 15cm.


I was trying "plane cut" but i can not see a measure on this function to set it excact.


How to do that ?


Thanks for helping 🙂

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This is a bit of a workaround, but may serve your purpose. Import your object, then select Edit, Transform. Ensure that Enable Snapping is turned on. You'll note that the default snap value is 2.5 mm which you can change to meet your requirements.


For a 20 cm object, the plane cut will appear at the 10 cm point, presuming that the object is on the X/Y plane. You can set the snap value to a higher figure or leave it as is, since the distance you wish to cut is 50 mm or 20 times 2.5 and will give you a precise plane cut.

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Method 1) Just set your snap step amount to 1mm, then plane cut with snap step enabled, move the widget to your starting point, then drag 15cm.


Method 2) Drop a pivot on your starting point, offset it 15cm, then open plane cut and click on the pivot (and it will 'jump' to that point

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Thank you 🙂

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