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How to create a tapered cylinder

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How to create a tapered cylinder

I'd greatly appreciate any assistance with for a novice who is trying to create a "tapered cylinder". That is, I want to make a cylindrical object where the diameter of one end differs from the other. Will I have to start with a cylinder (or cone) primitive and somehow modify this? Thank you very much in advance, and a belated happy New Year to everyone.

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Option A)
Select the top face > Modify > Soft transform

Change the falloff, and play around with the different settings:

Option B)
Select the top face > Face Transform

Pull the face up, click and drag on the white square to make it
bigger/smaller, then use plane cut to cut off any excess.
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@mdhan82 Did the information provided by @hfcandrew answer your question? If so, please use Accept Solution so that others may find this in the future. Thank you very much

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Thank you so much for the help!!

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Thanks, this works perfectly! I wanted to make an extension adapter to a large mouth funnel (think canning and fruit preserves) to be able to use it for for smaller jars, but have the big opening to reduce spillage.

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