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How to combine adjacent surfaces?

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How to combine adjacent surfaces?

This is all one body - The edit, make solid command gets me close but I still wind up with a whole bunch of internal stuff and stagaltites that I can't get rid of.

I also have the two pieces as separate bodies in the same .mix file.


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Edit > Separate shell, maybe Analysis > Inspector, maybe 50 other ways.


Going to need a lot more info, do a screencast and as always the .stl file too.

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Maybe this trick helps to join adjacent shells:

If there are two or more shells combined to a single objects as

Ohne Titel 4.jpeg

Go to EDIT/MakeSolid. Set its SolidType to Accurate. Now you can set a positive OffsetDistance big enough to bridge the gap between the shells:

Ohne Titel 5.jpeg

This result being the active object run MakeSolid in Accurate mode again. This time set OffsetDistance to the negative value you used in the step before:

Ohne Titel 6.jpeg

The result should match to the source object but with smoothed valleys. You may refine that result setting the source object as a target and use either SCULPT/Attract brush or selection based SELECT/Edit/AttractToTarget:

Right bunny attracted to the source via Attract brushRight bunny attracted to the source via Attract brush

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Thanks for the ideas everyone will be working on this all week and will report back!

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