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How to add thickness like shown in the screenshot?

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How to add thickness like shown in the screenshot?

I am using meshmixer. I am working for a dentist. I have a scanned teeth. I want to add thickness to the scanned teeth like shown in the screenshot. How can I do that?


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Depends much on your source mesh (ie the scan).

Is it already watertight or an mesh with open boundaries?

Best if you post a screenshot of your source mesh.


You might use EDIT/Hollow plus  EDIT/PlaneCut on a watertight mesh

or SELECT>SelectAll > Offset plus EDIT/PlaneCut on an open mesh

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Guess that's an intern oral scan viewed from below the printer's build volume.

Hint: You can hide rendering of the printer via menu: View>ShowPrinterBed.


So it should be something like this:

Ohne Titel.jpeg

First thing you should do is to run ANALYSIS/Inspector on a scan. Do NOT do AutoRepair but manually click all marker spheres but the one pointing to the main boundary.

Now crop off not needed surfaces running EDIT/PlaneCut. Cut at the bottom

Ohne Titel 2.jpeg

and at the rear

Ohne Titel 4.jpeg

Now hit Ctrl+A to SelectAll (the object should be orange totally) and do Modify/SmoothBoundary (this is optional but should give a nicer extrusion):

Ohne Titel 5.jpeg

Accept and run Edit/Extrude with the shown settings (Offset needs to be more than you'll need):

Ohne Titel 6.jpeg

Accept and leave SELECT. Run EDIT/Hollow (here at a wall thickness of 2mm):

Ohne Titel 7.jpeg

Use EDIT/PlaneCut to crop off the base wall:

Ohne Titel 8.jpeg


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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