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How can I join between mesh and mesh?

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How can I join between mesh and mesh?

I have to join knockle with finger, but the inside mesh is messy... So I cannot use "Join" function... 


Do you know how I can join this disconected part? Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 1.02.37 AM.png

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Join is a good answer.  If the Join tool (for whatever reason) is not working, select one part of one finger and one corresponding part of one hand and use the Bridge tool (Ctrl-B).  Then do the same for the opposite side.  Then do the same for the remaining two sides.  The goal would be that the bridge does the heavy lifting for creating the surfaces, then the remaining "holes" can be filled without too much distortion.


An alternate way would be to use the bridge tool on one that both parts are connected, use something like the Sculpt robust smooth tool, or zipper tool (with refinement sliders turned up fairly high) to "zipper" closed the area.  Turn off "volumetric" in those tools if you don't want other geometry to be affected.

Nick Kloski
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