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How can i download meshmixer 2.0?

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How can i download meshmixer 2.0?

I'm using last version Meshmixer. But it hasn't top/bottom layer on overhangs for tree support. I can't find MM 2.0 version. Please help me.


Thanks in advance,




@hfcandrew @MagWeb 

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in reply to: a.berilkarakas

Yes it does.


What version are you using. And why would you want 2.0? How will an old version help you? I don't have 2.0.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

I want to use this version for top and bottom layer options. I read your other answer about supports sticking to the surface -about scaling- ( Your suggestion is both difficult and not doable because I tried. That's why I asked for the setup file of version 2.0.


So where can I find it? I would appreciate it if you could share the link.


Best wishes.

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in reply to: a.berilkarakas

1) I did not write the post you linked to.

2) MM 2.0 came out like 10 years ago, I do not have any install copy of it.

3) Furthermore I don't think that 2.0 version even had overhangs/supports

4) MM 3.5 can do what you are requesting

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in reply to: hfcandrew

I didn't write that sentence referring to you. Meshmixer 2.0 has these features. You can check this link:


Thank you for your answer.

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in reply to: a.berilkarakas



I think that what @hfcandrew is trying to tell you is that MeshMixer 2.0 is no longer available, but if the feature existed in 2.0, it should also be there in the current release.  Are you not able to find that same function in your current release?  It may have been renamed or moved in the menu structure.

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in reply to: a.berilkarakas

Hi, if you really need version 2.0 Wayback Machine comes to the rescue:


Way back in the day Meshmixer was actively being developed (sniff)

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