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Hollowing a sphere

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Hollowing a sphere


I am very new to Meshmixer and wanted to use it to hollow out the power pods on an STL file of the Oblivion Bubble Ship. I downloaded the files from the web but the power pods are full of unwanted extrusions that make it difficult if not impossible to print. I have tried the hollow tool in Meshmixer but it leaves these unwanted parts inside the sphere. I also tried making the pod/sphere solid in order to then use the hollow tool but i guess it overloads either the program or my computer because after 2 hours the spinning wheel of death is still spinning and nothing happens. I also tried to use a sphere as a Boolean subtract but was unable to place it in the correct position inside the sphere. Any help  would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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You need to go the Boolean way to get rid of the interior stuff. And that needs several steps (not that easy):


1. Repair the source model using ANALYSIS/Inspector

2. Get rid of not connected inside stuff: Run EDIT/SeparateShells. Discard objects you don't need.

3. Create a simplified shape from a duplicate of the object: EDIT/GenerateFaceGroups. Select the main surfaces by double click and invert the selection (hit I) to discard the details. Connect the remaining surfaces to a solid object again . Use SELECT/Edit/Bridge to connect and Inspector to fill holes to do this. You should end up with something like:

Ohne Titel.jpeg

4. Generate an offset shell using MakeSolid . Its Accurate mode allows to set an offset.  set it to negative with the desired wall thickness:

Ohne Titel.jpeg

5. The tubes to the inside own long stretched triangles. You need to SELECT/Edit/Remesh them to get the final BooleanSubtract working.


I attach my result with a wall thickness of 2mm as a OBJ (for this keeps the face groups).

If needed it should work to select the inside group through a hole and use Deform/SoftTransform scaling or Edit/Offset to change the wall thickness.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you i will do my best to replicate this Smiley Happy

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