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Help - When Generatingsupports it changes the size of mymodel

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Help - When Generatingsupports it changes the size of mymodel



 So i put my model into MeshMixer and generate supports its changing the size of the model itself, i udnerstand it sould change a bit with the supports etc, but the model itself has added an extra 10-15mm on the x,y,z. I have attached screenshots not sureif someone can advise why.Image1.jpgImage2.jpg

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MM doesn't change the size of a supported object. You need to understand the way MM describes coordinate spaces.


There are two spaces (two kinds of bounding boxes):

The World space bounding box and the object's individual bounding box which is a LocalFrame.

At the moment you add an object to the scene MM defines both frames. Both are equal at that very state (image left).

Now, if you do some rotation, the object's World-relative-dimensions might change (image middle green) while its LocalFrame stays the same (image middle grey).

If you add stuff (as supports) to the object the LocalFrame bounding box (image right blue) might be much bigger than the local bounding box of the source object (image right light blue).

frames Kopie.jpg


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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ah okay, thank you very much for your response

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