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Help scaling/distorting a section of a 3d model

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Help scaling/distorting a section of a 3d model

Hi, I need help modifying a 3d cosplay chest armor model for my kiddo. The model is designed for a larger male torso, but I need to adapt it for a smaller female torso. When I scale it to fit properly, I can make the waist opening fit correctly but the arm openings and chest width are too large.


Is it possible to scale the upper part of the model down while leaving the lower part intact? I'm super new at this and have a lot of learning to do. 


I've been trying my hand at selecting just those areas and trying to soft transform them with no real success. Any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated!

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in reply to: ryannosaurus

Yep soft transform is the one you want. Could you post a screenshot of whats going wrong.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thanks for the reply! I played around with Soft Transform, and got much better (but not perfect) results. 


In the first pic, I noted where I'm trying to widen the bottom portion (around the waist) but not adjust the area around mid-chest/armpits.


First I tried selecting the entire side of the armor and using Soft Transform to "stretch" on one plane, but that stretched the entire side area straight out, and didn't look right. I then tried rotating the bottom edge outwards (which pushed the top edge inwards), then pulling the entire selection out to make the top edge flush again. That was MUCH better, but still left some odd bumpy areas in the surrounding surface. I tried Smoothing them and it helps, but everything gets so fiddly at that point... 


I added screenshots to help explain and visualize.


I believe I'm still on the right path you suggested, just not practiced enough to pull it off well. 🙂


Last minute thought: should I be selecting the entire piece and just soft transform the entire thing using the rotate then pull method?


Thanks a ton for your help!

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Basically I'm trying to "shrink" or pull in the highlighted area, without distorting the area below it.


When I do, I end up with good overall results, but there are little dimples and bumpy areas on the surface. (see screenshots) When I try to fix these areas it turns to a whack-a-mole game where I fix one area but mess up two more. 


Maybe I'm using the tool wrong, or need to finesse it better, or select the area better? Or maybe due to the complex shape, I'm just SOL. :shrug:



But I do appreciate your help!

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Is there a way to "free distort" an object? In other more simple image editing programs, I can select an image layer with a rectangular selector, and narrow the top edge of the selection while leaving the bottom edge alone. The software proportionately adjusts everything in-between. 


With Mesh Mixer, I feel like Soft Transform is almost that tool, except when I select an entire object I can only rotate or transform the entire thing as a whole. I've been googling to make sure this isn't an ability I missed somehow, but I can't find a way to make ST do this. 


Here's a video of what I'm trying to do: Unfortunately, this program is windows only and won't run in a VM on my MacBook.


Thanks again for your help!

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in reply to: ryannosaurus

sculptris may be one option that could work for you. It's available for the Mac natively, no VM required. If you discover you are lacking a particular feature, Zbrush is a non-free program that likely contains the capability you require. I understand that sculptris is a thinned-down version of Zbrush. I've tried to learn the latter, but the interface is too much for my limited cranial capacity.

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in reply to: ryannosaurus
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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thanks, I tried that too but I'm just not getting the results I needed; more practice and learning are required before I can pull this off, I think. 🙂


I just went down the path of finagling a Win11 VM onto my M1 MacBook and installing the armor designer software. That got me where I need to be... now I'm going to screw around with Fusion 360 as a final destination I think. 


I appreciate your help and assistance! Have a good one. 🙂

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