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Help Me Thicken Some Fish Fins Please!

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Help Me Thicken Some Fish Fins Please!

Hi my fellow 3D modelers! Could I get your help?


I'm using Meshmixer to mak accurate models of Maine fish for a project that lets kids use them as game pieces. That means kids are going to be touching them and scaling is out of the question. The fins are so thin that they barely print let alone being touch by kids. I just need to thicken the fins by .5-1mm. I'm printing in Clear resin with a Form 2 from FormLabs. 


Thickness Tool.jpg


As you can see above, using the Thickness Tool in the Analyzer mode I can see the thinness that needs to be offset .5-1mm. I wish I could do a bulk select at this point but it wasn't an option. So I opened Selection Mode and (annoyingly) hand selected the parts with the Sphere Brush; seen below.


Shake Your Tail Fin.jpg


I then opened Edit>Offset and everything I try with this tool gets severely warped;


SHook to Hard.jpg


I also have found some luck with the Make Solid Tool and it's Offset function but it's not perfect, and I don't like the tessellation.


Make Solid.jpg


I would appreciate some other perspectives if you wouldn't mind sharing.



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You are using the right tools. These tools should be working much better than that.


MM can do it. But there are many conditions of the mesh to satisfy before each tool will work. Every project and every mesh is a unique snowflake. Maybe your mesh density is too low or too high, or non-manifold, or normals are flipped or there are separated shells. I can't give too much insight and diagnose the problem without further content. Can you attach your .mix and a video of your attempts.

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