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Help making an object solid and printable

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Help making an object solid and printable

I have a 3D model of an aircraft I am trying to make 3D printable. The model has lots of internal detail however I just want to make a solid filled object and then 3D print in two opposing halves.


I am trying to use Meshmixer to achieve this but am struggling to get anything like what would lead to a decent print - I have tried adjusting the make solid settings but to be honest, I am getting nowhere.


Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong or am I simply trying to something that is not easily possible? I have attached pictures of the 3D model before and after I have tried to make it solid.



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in reply to: r_hodgettsPDTTL

I can't say too much without the .mix.


But I do see blue lines which is bad.


I'm guessing this your first time printing something. Try auto-repairing in 'Windows 3D Builder'  first.

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Hi hfcandrew, thanks for the reply - not my first time printing something or drawing - but my first time trying to make a 3D model not designed to be 3D printed 3D printable.


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in reply to: r_hodgettsPDTTL

Ah yes, gotcha.


Yep, preparing a model for printing, which was not originally designed to be printed, either takes 1 second, or 1 hour.

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