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Help cut up a model

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Help cut up a model



I'm new to meshmixer I was wondering if anybody could help me cut up a Huge model for my printer? I have an Anycubic Kossel with a build value of 240 x 240 x 300

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in reply to: sadara

Note at your mesh: one of the burgeon arms is already cut off. Run EDIT/SeparateShells.

To fix that: Activate both resulting objects and run BooleanUnion. Disable AutoReduceResult and Accept.


The problem aren't the two burgeon arms. You can cut them without trouble using EDIT/PlaneCut in CutType Slice(KeepBoth). After accepting the cut (you'll not see any change) run EDIT/SeparateShells to get the parts as separated objects.


Now the center star shape has to be cut to fit into your printers volume. To find a good position for your cut:

Drop a cube from MESHMIX/Primitives to some empty space in your scene. Using EDIT/Transform scale it to the size of your printer's volume. Run GenerateFaceGroups on it to get a group for each side.

Run EDIT/CreatePivot, set it to PlacementMode SnapToGroupCenter. Make sure LinkToTarget is enabled. Now double click each side of the cuboid to drop a pivot on its plane. Leave CreatePivot.

Drag the Transparent SHADER onto the cuboid.


Now use EDIT/Transform to move/rotate this cuboid(your printer's volume) to a position including a part of the star shape. As you will cut through the entire object the first position will be the hardest to find.

After you found a good position for the volume Accept Transform and switch to the star object and run EDIT/PlaneCut.

Again set its CutType to Slice(KeepBoth). Click on a Pivot to set the cutting plane to this position and Accept. 

Run EDIT/SeparateShells.

(Optional: Transform the cuboid to a slightly different position still including all you want to print in a single part)

Make the half intersecting the cuboid the active object and run EDIT/PlaneCut again to cut on a perpendicular pivot, separate and repeat again....


Think you'll need 8 separated objects to print the star.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks was able to cut it up and finished one complete arm and finishing up on the other arm.  I will work on the star next... thanks for the information!!

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I'm try what you posted make a cuboid... I'm going to cut off the remaining arms and print those but the star is giving me trouble now...

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