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Generate/Splitting an offset complex creates an unselectable area

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Generate/Splitting an offset complex creates an unselectable area

Whenever I generate and split an offset complex the resulting area left in the model cannot be selected with the select tool. If I do CTRL+A it will select the area but I'm needing to edit the area left behind I know there has to be a better way than exporting and importing the model.


I've tried to search for this but all I can find are posts where people can't select backfacing triangles, which is not my issue. Even with "Select back faces" checked my cursor won't display the select circle on these areas at all. In the attached SS you can see the selection circle sitting near the selected triangles, but my cursor is in the white field above it. It's like the select tool is afraid to enter the forbidden zone.


Why does it do this and how do I tell it to stop?

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Hard to understand what's happening on your side.

Can you upload some small example .MIX file containing the source, complex and split result? You might want to zip it to attach it here or load it to some file sharing service and post the link.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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This shows the issue. It's not just with this geometry as I have this issue about 75% of the time that I use Generate/Split complex.

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