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Generate Complex tool ignoring some facegroups

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Generate Complex tool ignoring some facegroups

Trying to create a multicolor printable version of a figurine I separated the model into multiple facegroups and tried to generate complex. It worked partially and I was able to split some features from the object, but many facegroups are being ignored, both by automatic generation and by not being able to select them to generate manually.


The model is quite complex (760k faces) and the properly detected groups are the smallest ones. Is there some size limit for the complex tool to work with?

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in reply to: jkavalik

Don't think that your issue is related to number of groups and/or the complexity of the model. I successfully ran GenerateComplex and SplitComplex on much harder tasks.


There are two limitations though:


1. The resulting interior surface must not intersect another surface (maybe the original surface or the interior surface of another complex region). This might happen if you use a FillRegion (the surface you get double clicking the orange boundary of a group) while the group's surface is somehow concave or an OffsetRegion on a thin object where the set offset intersects the backside surface (in this case you may set a lower OffsetDistance).

In this case GeneratComplex does the job but you'll see these intersections in the resulting complex object. Splitting the complex instead gives some garbage result.


2. A group's border loop you want to run GenerateComplex must not be connected to more than one group. Means a group on a plane may have one neighbour group only, a group around tube might have two different groups as neighbours .... : One neighbour group per border loop of the group only.

If this isn't the case GenerateComplex ignores such groups. I think this is the case in your example.


More info on GenerateComplex: Helpdesk: Generate Complex

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

You are right! It did not occur to me thats the case. I tried to shrink the regions a bit, effectively generating one more distinct facegroup inbetween and it worked. I was just trying to split it into too many parts at once.


Thank you for the response and great explanation!

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