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Generate Complex Not Saving Coloured Object To Browser

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Generate Complex Not Saving Coloured Object To Browser

Hello everyone,


I'm new to using meshmixer for my 3d prints, so I wanted to just try it out by creating a Vase in Fusion 360 with an orange slice coming off the side. After I coloured in each part of the object and double clicked and hit generate Complex, I noticed that one part of the orange that I generated for didn't save to the browser. After trying over and over again I realized that it just became part of the vase. It's so weird because I'm doing the same thing as the other parts of the orange but it just won't save that one piece to the browser. Does anybody know what might be going wrong by chance?

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Think you are talking about face group colors.

There's a "one neighbor-per-boundary"-restriction in GenerateComplex :

- one group needs to be surrounded by another single face group. Means it needs to be an island within another group.

- in case the group is a segment of a donut shaped mesh: The group needs different groups on its two boundaries.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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