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Flaring edges of a half splint

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Flaring edges of a half splint

Hi there- absolute beginner here.  I've been messing around learning Meshmixer by repairing a poorly scanned foot.


My initial goal is to make a solid half splint that the foot/ankle/calf can rest in- will try to design modifications in the future. 


What is the best way to flare the edges around the the calf/ankle so there won't be a flush edge that the skin will rest against? 


With the attached photo, I have done this by using the sculpt and draw tool to pull them out, and then smoothing. Is there a better way? 




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in reply to: theebadge

I'm a Pedorthist I use MM daily to design orthotics and AFOs.




  1. Start by making a duplicate of your original so you have a way of referencing how much you have flared your med&lat borders.
  2. SELECT a very thin strip of the border you want to flair
  3. DEFORM>SOFT TRANSFORM (set falloff to ~50mm, depending on how smooth you want the transition)
  4. Drag the arrows on the widget 
  5. ANALYSIS>UNITS/DIMENSIONS>Click and drag to take a measurement of the change in distance you finished up with
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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thanks for your reply- I had tried soft transform, but my settings were wrong. 


Very helpful video- will be checking out all of yours.  I'm an occupational therapist working in inpatient burns and plastics, mostly hands but also stiff ankle from major repair/debridements/bedrest.  Just wanting to explore options that could supplement or replace more traditional materials/techniques.


Thanks again.


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in reply to: theebadge

Oh interesting. No problem, glad to help.


3D printed custom medical devices is an exploding field. There are other software packages meant for exactly this with AFOs, but they often cost 20-30K whereas MM is free and I find it works faster and can do more, you just gotta get past the trial and error of the steep learning curve the first dozen hours of using it.

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