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Filling a hollow object

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Filling a hollow object

I'm trying to figure out how to fill this.  This particular model is murderous for F360 so I'm trying to get it all done in meshmixer.  Essentially I just need this thing to be completely solid so I can then shell the body to ~1.1mm and plane cut the top and bottom of it.  Id assumed after a repair I'd be able to simply "make solid" then shell the mesh in F360 but no matter what I do, it looks like a surface body.  I've even tried to use this model as a means to make a "mold" them use the mold to make an actual solid body in fusion, but to no avail.  I have to admit that I normally spend very little time in meshmixer.  I usually use it to sculpt when I need to but thats it, so I don't have any extensive experience with it.  How can I get this work done in meshmixer?  I have two other bodies I need to do this same exact thing to.



Moon by JorgeVerdugo | Download free STL model |

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That model is 2M+ triangles containing a few thousand non-manifold mesh errors:



Run inspector first.


Also your model is 2mm tall, that's to mathematically impossible for Meshmixer to run a 1.1mm offset:



You need to scale it up to your desired print size before running hollow.

And because this is sphere, and this model is 2M+ triangle, running hollow may fail/crash and will take an hour to run. So the simple solution is just a place a 1.1mm smaller sphere inside of it then combine the two objects. Since I'm assuming you don't need the inside of your model to be textured.


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Thanks.  I was able to find a youtube video that led me in the right direction.  I realize that the texture and shape creates a lot of polygons.  I also realized the scaling once I started working off of that video.  I just didn't know that "offset" in MM is the same as "shell" in F360.  I also didn't realize that if MM fails at an operation, it's even less informative than F360 is lol.




Anyway, I was able to complete the task by the following:

Make solid

Close holes



Do the rest in F360 mesh workspace.  It definitely proved tricky still because some models I import are all surface and some are solid, etc.  As long as I continued to work in the mesh workspace, processing time was never an issue.  So any solid bodies I needed to make as a part of the project I just tessellated when it was complete and went back to the mesh workspace.  I'm sure its not the best way but it worked.


Bonus question: are there any tools in MM similar to "section analysis" in F360?  Thanks!

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