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fill a large hole with planar surfaces

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fill a large hole with planar surfaces

i have a scanned face mesh that took a long time to repair, fill small holes and weird torus mesh shapes, etc. However, i did not scan the upper back and the entire back of the head. I cleaned off some messy boundaries by plane cutting three times to create clean planar boundaries. see below:


so now how to fill this large hole with preferably four planar surfaces? autofill and 'erase fill'  obviously don't work. Help is appreciated.


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To fill such a hole in MM would need some guiding bridges (SELECT/Edit/Bridge) to subdivide the hole (> mmHelp on Bridge). Something like:

Ohne Titel 2.jpeg

Once you simplified the hole that way you can fill the remaining holes using ANALYSIS/Inspector.


Maybe easier to SelectAll of the mask, extrude it to flat and cut this watertight mesh afterwards:

Ohne Titel.jpeg

Ohne Titel 2.jpeg


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

sorry about late reply, i think your methods will both work, but both the bridging and extrude command are hidden inside the edit submenu....took me forever to find them. the help link you posted was dead, too...i viewed some tutorials before posting here and learned about bridging but gave up after failing to find it.


A UX problem it looks like. Thanks a lot.

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