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Extrude to get a cylindrical pipe or how to merge several objects

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Extrude to get a cylindrical pipe or how to merge several objects



I'm trying to replace the orange selected part with a cylindrical pipe of 20 mm diameter. I am able to extrude the selection by 2 mm which will give me a wider tunnel. However, it will not be cylindrical. 

Another route I tried was by cutting out the middle part, and placing a 20 mm cylinder in the middle. For this method I need to figure out how to properly merge the pipe to the original geometry. Using Boolean Union completely crashes the program, which I think is caused by overlapping areas. 


Can somebody help me? 



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If boolean union fails, then yes discard out the part to be replaced and discard the top and bottom of the cylinder so that you get two blue boundaries, select the brim around those then edit>join

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thank you for responding.


I have tried what you described, but unfortunately I get the following error message:

" An unknown fatal error has occured in the current Tool. Aborting."


This is what it looked like:


I was wondering whether the problem might be in the cylinder, which seems to have an inner and outer wall and no smooth cut. Do you have any suggestions how to fix this? 



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For the ends of the veins are closed, I assume you created the thickness of the source mesh using Hollow or Offset?

If so: It's much easier to correct the outer shell before and do hollowing after that. (If not you need to Edit/Separate interior and exterior shell)

  1. Go to SELECT and select the region to be replaced by the cylinder and run Edit/FitPrimitive (see tool settings in the images):1.png
  2. This gives a cylinder oriented along the selection. Use EDIT/Transform to set the cylinder's diameter and to adjust its position:2.png
  3. Make the source object the active one and go to SELECT. Here double clicking the cylinder will select all faces inside the cylinder. Do Modify/CreateFaceGroup to store that selection in a face group.
  4. Now set the cylinder as a target (magnet icon in ObjectBrowser)
  5. With the source object active go to SELECT and double click this group. Run Edit/AttractToTarget:4.png

Now it's time to give result an offset.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks! I solved it using a combination of both replies. 

First I selected the area to be replaced, and used discard (to get the blue edges).

I made a new cylinder with the correct diameter using meshmixer and transform. Then I selected the edges of this cylinder and discarded them (to get the blue edges). After placing the cylinder in the correct position I used join to connect the old and new parts. 

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