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Export model and support separately

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Export model and support separately

 Hi there,

I discover Meshmixer few days ago and it looks awsome !

I tried to export my custom supports and my 3D model separately, to import them into Cura, and be able to change the settings for the supports. I don't know how to tell them to keep their own location (originaly created into meshmixer), the 2 parts (model and supports) just appear randomly in Cura, and I can't align them back properly. Is there a way to give them some sort of pivot point as reference? both models need to keep their location ... Thanks

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This is more a Cura issue and I'm not that much a Cura expert:

After importing and setting the print parameters you need to select both objects (object and support) in Cura and run MergeModels from the right-click menu. This way the objects snap back to a correct position towards each other.

Here's a HowTo do this for a dual color print but it should be the same if you just want different settings for object and support.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Oh yeah, it worked !!!

Thank you so much, very easy but I didn't try this combinaison

Select the 2 parts / Merge parts / ungroup parts (to be able to change settings on each parts)


Great !

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How do you export the model and the supports separately?

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in reply to: brad-morgan


When you run ConvertToSolid in Overhangs you have the option to create a NewObject(default).



ReplaceExisting instead keeps Object+Supports one object.

If you only created the supports via GenerateSupports without making them solid the support shells are combined to the source mesh too.

To split off supports in case of B (do NOT use EDIT/SeparateShells). Instead go to SELECT and select some "seed" region on the source mesh. Run Modify/ExpandToConnected and Edit/Separate after that.


Now there are two objects to export in both cases.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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