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Editing a 3D scanned object

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Editing a 3D scanned object



I recently got into 3D printing and now 3D scanning. I have the XYZ scanner 2.0 and scanned an object. Tried some editing in Meshmixer but have no idea, after playing around for a while and also reading articles, how I can get the edges and surface perfectly smooth. I have attached a picture of what the actual object looks like 20191129_184604.jpg

I am also attaching a link to my .mix file so you can see what I mean

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Years ago I played with tracked 3D scanning using the Xbox Kinect and the Primesense Carmine 1.09... (e.g. here).

So first of all: Try to improve the scanning result.

Don't know the XYZ device but it is a tracked device too. You need to understand the way such a device works:

While you're scanning the device sends a stream of depth images. Now the software translates each image to 3D data and tries to match/align a new image to the previous result. This matching is done comparing the topologies.

Your scanned object owns little characteristic topology. Therefore alignment does not work properly. It might be a little error per depth image, but there are errors on each of hundreds of images...

(There are other scanning technologies better suited for such a task: Structured Lightweight do the job much better. Photogrammetry instead will fail completely)


I'm pretty sure that you can improve the scanning result adding topology to the object. You could apply some arbitrary formed clay on flat regions  of your object (you can remove them in MM later on) and try another scan. Tracking should be much better now. Not sure if the XYZ scanner uses the RGB image for tracking too. If so: You might use some arbitrary painting on the object too.


Scanning is a cool way to get shapes from existing, maybe very detailed objects but when it comes to hard, clean edges scanning will always show rounded edges for the measured points are arbitrary. On simple shapes it might be much easier to do some measurements by hand and model the shape without using a scanner - either using a CAD package as Fusion360 or a mesh modeller as Meshmixer.


Now your either question:

Reconstructing straight or maybe curved edges is a hard job in MM:

- There are the SCULPT tools. You may want to use the Flatten brush to flatten regions (use a big brush diameter), the  Pinch brush at a negative Depth value to pinch out (positive to pinch in) and the Smooth brushes to smooth edges.

- There's the option to add additional objects to scene, set them to be a target (magnet icon in the object browser) and use the Attract brush in SCULPT to such the surface to that guiding target..


Your object seems to be some plastic with a certain thickness. You may consider to discard all but the "upper" surface. Do your edits on this single surface only and extrude it to the needed thickness.









Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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