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Duplicate triangles in STL & PLY export

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Duplicate triangles in STL & PLY export

I have imported an STL, filled the holes then converted to a solid to avoid intersections. I then export the solid first as a *.ply & then as a *.stl


When I read in the meshes into Tetgen to get a tetrahedral mesh I keep getting the duplicated face error.


When I export as a binary STL I get an error saying "Wrong number of vertices in file"


Are these known issues with the exporter?

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in reply to: nic.roberts

Can't remember someone reporting such an export issue at MM's old forum.


Not sure if it's an export issue (as it happens on different formats).

Maybe it's an issue of MakeSolid's result. 

Did you check the result with Inspector? Maybe there's a tiny isolated piece (should be marked magenta) somewhere at the formerly sharp edges?

Did you try a higher MakeSolid resolution (higher SolidAccuracy & MeshDensity) or a different SolidType (as Accurate or SharpEdgePreserve)?

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Another thing you might try with your .stl export:


Import it to MM again.

If there's a redundant face (and .stl is just a bundle of triangles where edges are welded by the importer if vertices own same coordinates) it should result in a non manifold. Inspector detects non manifolds and marks such regions in red.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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