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Draw scult tool round the corners

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Draw scult tool round the corners

Hello everybody !!

I'm writing to you because i've a question with the draw tool.


I've created a simple flat surface (1meter x 0.5meter) and I would like to add some volume and when I use the draw tool, it creates some volume on my surface but when I reach a corner with the tool, it round it up and I would like to keep the square form...

Thank you for your help and have a nice day !



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So looking from above, you want to keep the rectangle?


- There's a FixedBoundary option in the tool options' Filters section. This locks the boundary totally.

Without locking the boundary (think you want to change its height locally):

- On the plane you might try Surface brushes instead (toggle at top of the SCULPT flyout). These tools push the vertices along the faces' normals. They detect the normal in the moment when you enter the face with your brush the very first time within a singe stroke. So in your case (as the source is planar) as long as you keep LMB down the faces will be pushed in Y direction only (which keeps the rectangle). But a second on an already nonplanar region will use these normals to do the deformation.

- SELECT/Deform/SoftTransform gives you full control over the direction of deformation. Select a single face using a small selection brush and run the tool. Adjust the region to be modified via its Falloff slider and set the widget's mode to World (click the small W circle in the widget to make it green). Now do the deformation in Y ....


Another possibility is to do sculpting on a bigger plane than the target size (maybe you add another plane or cuboid in target's size and use the transparent shader on it to visualise your region of interest) and to crop it finally using EDIT/PlaneCut.


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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