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Difference volume between two

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Difference volume between two


Hello, I use meshmixer in a study I made in university, but I am very novice in the program. What I want to do with two .stl files in my hand is to find the volume difference between them. I've done several attempts, but the results don't seem right, I have results such as 10% 15 20 and 5 6. I think I'm making a mistake in calculating the internal volume. Thanks in advance for your help

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I get a difference of 18.361 mm^3.


Done that way:

First you might want to align both meshes to a similar position. Run EDIT/Align with the shown parameters to get both centers' aligned to the world origin:

Ohne Titel 2.jpeg

Use EDIT/Transform to move and rotate one object to fit roughly to the shape of the other:

Ohne Titel 3.jpeg

Set one object as a target clicking the magnet icon in the browser. By default a target object gets transparent blue:

The other one active go to SELECT and select some characteristic surface regions. Try to select surfaces which didn't change on both meshes:

Ohne Titel 4.jpeg

This selected run Edit/AlignToTarget. For better view change the target's rendering to solid via View menu. Run ImproveSolution several times until the source object doesn't move any more:

Ohne Titel 5.jpeg

Release the target mesh of being a target by clicking on the magnet icon again.

To compare the volumes we need to create comparable watertight meshes first. Think the best way is to do the same PlaneCut on both meshes: Activate both meshes (Press Shift while clicking the second one) and run EDIT/Combine.

Run EDIT/PlaneCut on the combined mesh. Cut as close as possible to the cavity but not intersecting it:

Ohne Titel 6.jpeg

Run EDIT/SeparateShells to get two objects again. You can get the volume of a mesh in ANALYSIS/Stability:

Ohne Titel 7.jpeg

I got 380.137 and 361.776.

Difference is 18.361

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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