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Desperate to Convert this .stil to a solid :(

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Desperate to Convert this .stil to a solid :(

I have an .stl mesh that I need to convert into a solid. Reason being is that it needs to be converted from a surface model to solid/volumetric model for re-meshing for FEM analysis (in LS DYNA).


I've tried to use the 'make solid' tool, but it just turns up a result that says '0 vertices, 0 faces/triangles'.


I attached the file I'm working with. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've also tried using FreeCAD to get it done, but it just crashes instantly. Any help is much appreciated.


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Hi @jessesmith3,


If you are looking to convert your triangle mesh to CAD format such SAT, STEP, or IGES, then I would recommend taking a look at Netfabb. There is a feature included in Standard and upwards, called Mesh to BREP, which can convert an STL file to a CAD model for export and use in another application.


Best Regards,


Andrew Sartorelli - Autodesk GmbH
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Hi Andrew,


thanks for your help. I meshed using the Screen Poisson Surface Reconstruction in MeshLab. I'm actually not sure if this algorithm is based on triangulation, because when I import it to MeshMixer it counts faces instead of triangles. I noticed that the 'Make Solid' function in MM works on a mesh I made with the Delaunay algorithm, however. The problem is, the mesh looks terrible.


I'm also hoping that once I get my mesh into a solid, it is a consistent geometry without any triangles overlaid to it. Otherwise, this seems to cause problems when 're-meshing' in FEM software.


Is my my mesh-to-solid problem perhaps related to having used the Poisson algorithm?

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In MM terms "solid" means "watertight". So MakeSolid "only" turns a triangle mesh with open boundaries to a watertight triangle mesh. There's no conversion to a "Solid" in CAD terms at all.


If MakeSolid results in a "terrible" mesh, increase SolidAccuracy and MeshDensity in MakeSolid options and hit Update. This should give you a better result.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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