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cutting stl's, adding aligning pins for 3d printed parts

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cutting stl's, adding aligning pins for 3d printed parts


I am in the process of cutting the stl file to put a pin and a hole on the resulting surfaces. It looks easy on youtube, but it doesn't fit when I move primitives onto the surface.  The surface of the object (square or cylinder) is never parallel to the main object/surface I am adding it to.

Cutting process looks like: Edit - Plane cut  - Cut type - Slice, Keep both. Then Edit - separate shells


Is there a setting or step I'm missing?

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Looks parallel to me, but had to see from an image. Can you post your .mix file or make a screencast.

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If you want a dropped Primitive to be at a 90 degree angle to the main object, do this:


-Use the drop pivot target (with link to target) where you want your primitive to end up.  Snapping "to vertex" will have the pivot pointing along the normal / directly away from the mesh

-meshmix a primitive in and size it accordingly (it will create a new body if you don't drop it on the mesh, but rather somewhere on the background).

-drop another pivot on that new object (again with link to target turned on)

-simply drag from the new pivot to the old pivot and the new primitive will align at a 90 degree angle.


Nick Kloski
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